About Austgauge Electronics

Austgauge is a company based in South Windsor, NSW Australia. It was formed
after Fulvio Oliveira, automotive mechanical engineer, 2002 DTM Turismo B Champion,
had problems with off-the-shelf electronics and gauges for his own race cars.

Fulvio has a history for being picky with what he builds, being jocularly referred
to as “the guy who tests relays”. Upon building a race car and having trouble
finding reliable fan controllers for his race cars, he paired with his mechanic
and decided to make his own. From this decision, the pair designed and manufactured
their own circuit boards, delved into datasheets, tested numerous components and suppliers,
chased nanovolts in volts, and arrived at the designs manufactured today. Industrial
equipment came in naturally as some of the automotive clients run manufacturing businesses
themselves and asked for custom-made equipment to increase their productivity and
maintenance on equipment deemed lost.

Having managed industrial oven controllers, marine engines, race cars, CB radios,
TVs and displays, automotive fleets, Austgauge is the maintenance crew to call
when others have failed.

Hence, our Mission Statement:
To ensure precise, accurate, and repeatable readings of physical properties,
as well as precise, repeatable, and timely control of equipment by employing
a deep knowledge of mechanical and electrical fundamentals, measurement,
analysis, modelling, suppliers, cost, application, and review, through a
process based on full transparency with the client.

And our Vision Statement:
To serve a wide range of products, as well as industrial and manufacturing
equipment, in Australia and abroad, by using calibrated over-engineered
feature-rich state-of-the-art digital units, through transparency and

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